Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kitten Pics!

And here are the two newest additions to our family! They haven't got names yet and I couldn't tell you which is which unless they're next to each other but they do look different. I think we won't end up naming them until they been at home with us for a little while and we get to know them better.

The breeder has a British Blue Shorthair Tom, 2 Tabby British Shorthair Queens and a Bengal Queen and currently 2 litters of kittens. Darcy, on of the Tabbies, had 1 spotted girl, 1 spotted boy and 2 tabby girls (our girls!) and the Bengal had 2 snow boys and 1 proper Bengal boy. So, what with the 2 children, 1 labrador and a husband, the house is pretty busy.

The kittens have a fantastic time together but they spend a lot of time trying to eat each other.

Whenever we go to visit them, it only takes about 5 minutes before we have kittens climbing all over us. I ended up with a tabby on my shoulders, trying to eat my hair last week!. And they seemed to have a fascination for my shoelaces.

I was really pleased that they hadn't grown very much since we last saw them. I was afraid that since we can't take them home until they are 13 weeks, we'd miss most of their time as little kittens. But they're still very small and sweet and playful.

We left a cat bed with the breeder last time we were there so they could get accustomed to it and so it would smell of 'home' and they'd have something familiar when they came to us. We pick them up on April 3rd - I'm really looking forward to it!!

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Clairewill said...

They are adorable Louise! So cute! You must be counting down the days until they come home with you xx