Monday, 31 March 2008

I'm very very excited!

Got home on Wednesday last week to a little red card from my lovely postie. As all scrappers know, little red cards herald the arrival of stash which has been secreted away by the little postie fairies at your local collecting office. My little red card indicated that I should come on Saturday morning to receive my goodies - which I dutifully did and lo and behold, Bazzil to match the BG sultry papers that I have on preorder at the lovely Charmed Cards and Crafts. And today, I have the news that they are dispatching said lovelies on Monday and Tuesday this week! Hence the level of excitement is building!

Before I go completely mad with anticipation, I'm going to change the subject. Went a-cropping on Saturday and managed to produce 3 LOs mostly using up my March gogo kit. Will be posting piccies as soon as I get home and have access to the files!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ok, today is my last half-day as I'm finishing this job next tuesday and will be back in the land of hospital shift-work! Don't be too sad for me, it has it's perks. There's a week of shifts when I'll be working 5pm-9pm only; sounds like fun to me. But this afternoon is just for me.

I finished tidying the junk piles in the living room yesterday (ok, so now they're all in the study, but they're sorted at least!) so I'm planning a gym trip, a supermarket shop and some dedicated me-time. Probably on the sofa with New Adventures of Superman playing in the background (you know the one - Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain - I spent most of my teenage years pining after him and the guy that played the mountie in Due South. I had a sad life. I still do really.) - I'm addicted! Maybe I'll go upmarket with a bit of West Wing, maybe not!

Anyhow, trashy tv and my lovely new scrapbooking journal. It's a lovely paperchase A5 softback with a purple paisley fabric cover. I've been looking for a reason to use it for ages but nothing's seemed quite right - especially cos the pages are plain. I usually write stuff on loose sheets but then I lose them so it would probably be better to collect everything together. What to write? Well that's easy - I have too much to choose from:

  • overlooked blog challenges
  • Shimelle journalling challenges
  • Shimelle's home prompt 3 - producing a minibook about homes of friends and family - since I'm on a stash budget I can't afford to buy book rings and chipboard this month so I'm going to plan ahead and get the photos and everything else sorted so I can get going when I do have the money, probably next month! (which is another reason not to feel sorry for me - my pay goes back up when I start back at the hospital!)

That's enough to be getting on with, isn't it?

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

There's no place like home....

Ok, so I'm a bit late, but I signed up to Shimelle's latest class today. She does a fabulous Christmas Journal class each year and I only found out about it in the middle of December. This new class is a set of 25 projects centred around the theme 'There's No Place Like Home'. I've got the first 2 prompts and I'm planning on settling down to work on them tonight. I have loads of random photos of our first home (taken to show elderly relatives who don't travel well!) and I hope I'll be able to use some of them.

In the meantime, I've been perusing my favourites gallery on UKS to get some inspiration for some scrapping. Seriously lacking in the inspiration department recently and looking at other people's work usually gives me one or two ideas. I might post my efforts, if I can work out how!