Wednesday, 19 September 2012

On the 10th of September

She walks!
She dances, she babbles, she stands unsupported (mostly when she's not thinking about it).
She claps, she waves and she dances.
She's got a runny nose and her ezcema has flared up again.
She's too short for 9-12 month clothing but her pudgy tummy fits just fine.
She wears size 4 nappies & 6-9 month clothes. She has size 3 1/2 feet; we bought her first shoes this month.
She's smiley & giggly.
She's afraid of sitting down in the bath.
She follows us round the house, hating to be left behind.
She still naps twice a day; three to four hours in total, if she can. Half an hour at 4pm can make all the difference.
She eats everything in sight. All of it. Girl's got hollow legs.
She sleeps through most nights, occasionally waking for a 4am feed.
She wriggles around her bed like crazy. Doesn't matter where you put her down, she'll be the other way up by morning.
 Happy 10 months baby girl!

On a jolly holiday

Apologies for my absence, I have an 'On the 10th' post written and ready to go but we've been on our first family holiday over the last few days.
We've had a few days on the Isle of Wight and a little bit of time with Andy's Mum.

It was a short but hectic holiday.  We had a great time but we need to come home for a rest now!
We have just one week left before I go back to work so big changes coming in our house soon.
I hope you enjoyed these images, I think there'll be more to come.  I have a couple of holiday related posts brewing, if only to capture these memories before too much time passes and too many details are lost.