Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning

So I should be at church this morning but baby boy's been all over the place with his sleep so we were up a bit too late to make it.  Instead, Isaac's asleep on our bed and Andy & I are chilling out on the sofa watching Heroes season 4, which has been on our Sky+ box for ages!  I'm busy knitting and he's got a fat cat on his knee.

I've been a bit of a knitting dervish lately.  I have plenty of hoodies for Isaac but unless they're done up to the chin they fall off his shoulders and I think he gets cold.  So I went looking for a nice jumper or two but couldn't find any that I liked.  About that time, we went exploring in a nearby village and found a lovely knitting shop.  I picked up a pattern and some lovely Fair-Isle style wool.  It took a few weeks to finish but I'm so pleased with the end result.

Now I'm knitting a little waistcoat and I've got plans for an hooded cardigan, a hat and gloves set and some wristwarmers (for me obviously).  Also thinking this might be the way to go for presents for the littlest nieces and nephew - finding nice knitted things that aren't too expensive is so difficult!

Isaac continues to be delightful!  This week he's found his feet and is now making proper baby poses for Mummy to photograph.  Yesterday we went swimming as a family for the first time.  Andy has a thing about indoor swimming pools (spoilt by a childhood by the sea and a pool in the back garden) but he had a good time with Isaac.  And I managed to swim a few laps while they played in the wading pool.  It's good to have a quiet family weekend, lovely as it is to have friends and family to stay.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Getting back to me...

Learn something new continues apace - I'm so pleased I'm keeping up with lessons though I'm not reading the prompts or scrapping everyday. It's also making me quite reflective - September seems to be the month that I'm coming back to being me, not just mummy. I've bought some new clothes & made some new friends. I'm getting out of the house with others or just me & Isaac. I'm trying to build my confidence to teach him to be brave & to stand by his principless and it seems to be spilling over to the rest of me too. I seem to be getting better at the mummy-thing too, of course today is a good day, ask me again tomorrow!

Which sort of sums up the overall lesson. Tomorrow is a new day; Isaac starts each day with a clean slate, delighted to see me when he wakes in the morning. I guess as we get older our memories get better & we can hold grudges for longer, not just against others but against ourselves too. I know that isn't a healthy way to live, it's definitely not what God intends for me. I'm learning a lot about how God is providing for our family both materially & emotionally at the moment and I'm more confident than ever that He has a good plan for our future.

Enough profundity! Here's a baby photo (I know you want one!)

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

LSNE Update

It's been a busy week, highlights include;
  • getting my wedding ring back on properly for the first time since 36 weeks of pregnancy,
  • Isaac learning to blow raspberries,
  • a visit from a lovely old friend,
  • and yet more swimming (must get pictures soon!)

I've also managed some scrapping! And so far none of it is about the baby! LSNE continues & pages 3, 4 & 5 are above. I've also almost finished a LO on my love of krispy kreme donuts, yummy yummy!
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Friday, 10 September 2010

Learn Something New Day 2

Day 1 was an important lesson but doesn't lend itself to easy scrapping so I decided to start with 2nd September instead. Turns out 4x6 is really quite small but I like it already. I can see most pages coming together quickly but there's scope to put on more time & effort on special days too. Hope to have more to show you soon.
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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lordy Lordy...

... it's taken me 3 days to work out how to log-in to Blogger from this computer!  New security software is to blame - nice to know that my computer is so secure!  I suppose I could have blogged from the Mac but my laptop has all the photos!

Isaac continues to grow nicely - weighed in yesterday at 16lb 10oz.  He's busy learning to blow raspberries; Andy's been blowing them at him for weeks so it makes sense that that would be the first thing he decides to learn.  He's babbling, smiling and laughing all the time now.  He pushes up to stand if you hold his fingers and much prefers to sit up.  It's not all sunshine and smiles - for the last week Isaac's refused to fall asleep in his cot or moses basket so I'm cuddling him to sleep 4 or 5 times a day.  Hoping it's just a phase and it passes soon.

I don't want this to be another baby-bore posting - I don't have much else going on in my life at the mo.  It's true that all new mums want to talk about it their baby!  I have been trying to scrap when I find the time.  This lovely lady is running her Learn Something New Everyday class again during September.

I first did this class in 2008, which happened to be when we were moving house.  I made it to the 14th writing notes everyday but only scrapped the first 8 pages.  I also had an entry for the 30th so I spent a couple of days completing the pages for the notes I had.  I figured if I could finish a book 2 years after I started it, with sufficient note-taking, then I had no excuse for not doing it again this year.  (The great thing about Shimelle's annual classes - LSNE and Journal Your Christmas - is that once you join up once you get the prompts every year unless you opt out).  So I've been reflecting on each day just before I go to bed and writing some notes in a little book.  I've also been documenting my lessons as status updates on facebook.  And now that I have some cream cardstock to make pages, I'm hoping to get scrapping soon.  Watch this space for photos!

Oh, and just one more sneaky photo of the baby!  I promise Andy put him in there, I had nothing to do with it!!