Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Post-exam chillout zone

I'm cruising at the moment - having been studying every spare minute since Christmas, the exam is over and I have some spare time on my hands.  I also have a list a yard long of things to do around the house so I won't be short of things to do.

Isaac's growing and changing so quickly these days.  I'm trying to capture everyday and remember the little things that get forgotten so quickly.  I was looking back at baby photos yesterday and I can't really remember the time before he could sit up, let alone those first few weeks when he slept most of the time.

 Highlights of our life recently (from the top): are
  • Twinkling Stars - a parent and child group based at Holy Trinity Church, Leicester.  We're meeting lots of new friends and having a lovely couple of hours playing and chatting each week.  They make good coffee too!
  • Mummy and Baby Group took a little break over Christmas but we're back meeting up again, despite one of the mummies going back to work.  Not sure how we're going to mange as the rest of us go back over the next month.  Hopefully we'll still manage to meet up.  It's great seeing all the babies growing and being able to chat, drink coffee and eat loads of cake!

  • Isaac now has 4 teeth.  He sprouted his first the day before he turned 7 months and the last 2 came together in the last week of January.  That's 4 teeth in 4 weeks!  And he's been so good about them - lots of chewing but otherwise you wouldn't know he's teething.

  • As he learns to crawl more and has discovered doorways, Isaac is gradually exploring the house.  And he's found the cat food...
  • And the best thing yet?  For the last week he's slept through most nights!  From 8pm til 6.30am, we've slept through or only gotten up once for a quick feed.  Bliss!!

This is one of my favourite photos ever!  We did an underwater photo shoot through our swimming teacher back in December.  The photographer was fantastic - he does out of the water shoots too.  Check out his website here.  He got 4 shots of Isaac in the end, 2 of which are amazing and we ordered a 7x5 of this one.  I love the bubbles coming out of his mouth!