Sunday, 6 January 2013

On January 6th 2013

Right now, I'm...
 watching Food Network UK on freeview, being inspired by all the healthy cooking and yummy-looking meals
reading The Sacred Romance, again
discovering Douwe Egberts instant coffee with smooth caramel flavour
listening to Caro Emerald's Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor, over and over and over again.  We love a bit of do-do-do in the car!
remembering a fantastic 2 weeks back home with my family
drinking water to try and stay hydrated at work
wearing boyfriend jeans from Next with jersey tops and purple Converse All Stars
feeling slightly snotty
wanting to cook proper, healthy, filling food with loads of yummy veggies
wishing life were simpler and Texas weren't so far away
planning the things I want to accomplish in 2013
thinking about this morning's sermon and finishing well
enjoying a quiet weekend at home with my wonderful husband and beautiful children

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