Wednesday, 17 April 2013

On my desk

***This post might strike the perfect balance for my blog - it's about a scrapbook page about a mummy story.  So I hope it appeals to the mummies, the scrappers and my family, who are only really interested in my children these days! (I'm completely joking, they're a little bit interested in Andy as well!)***
I've had this page on my desk for a couple of months now.  I pulled the photo out to go with some bright and cheerful MME My Girl papers - they pull out the colours of Anna's dress beautifully.  I was in the first flush of love with my new corner rounder, can you tell?  It's a simple design, just the photo and 2 blocks of patterned paper on a kraft background.  It took ages to get the title just right - 'view' is some recent AC thickers (Boardwalk) and 'my' are some really old DCWV rub-ons from my stash.  And then it sat there, waiting for the heartfelt journalling.  Because you can't write heartfelt journalling while you're watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or listening to Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts.  A little glimpse into my scrapbooking process there!  But the story isn't fully told by just the photo.  And it needs to get into a book before it gets damaged (little feet have already left some crinkles!).  So here goes;

We're sitting on the leather sofa in Mum & Dad's sunroom, midway through a visit for my birthday.  It's you and me, baby.  Our time.  Our quiet space in the midst of family chaos.  Love and laughter, food and friendship, play and prayers.  This is my space, my time, my view.  No one else gets this time with you.  No one else nourishes you like I can, in these small, quiet moments. This is mine.  A perfect reflection of the side of you no one else sees.  Our shared peace, just to be together.  Even when our breast-feeding adventure ends, we'll still have this.  Touch, hold, quiet.  You can be yourself and I'll be me.  And we'll be together, just us.  And I will love you.  For who you are, not who I want you to be.  Forever.  And you can always come back here.  When the world leaves you bruised and broken, I will be here.  In our quiet space.  Where you are you and I am me and that is enough.

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