Thursday, 3 October 2013

On October 3rd


1. Is loving preschool. So much. But can never remember enough to tell us about it.
2. Is really into dragons, dinosaurs & pirates these days.
3. Throws the most annoying tantrums these days and refuses to do as he's asked. We're using the naughty step technique to great effect.
4. Is getting really good at telling stories, whether it's the dream he just had or a made-up dinosaur adventure.
5. Can think about the future though he's still a bit fuzzy on when things happened in the past.


1. Has the most wonderful hair these days, with proper curls and now it's long enough to tick behind her ears, she can actually see where she's going.
2. Loves her blankie with a never-ending passion. Seriously, it goes everywhere with her.
3. Eats anything & everything that'll sit still long enough.
4. Sings. She does a fantastic Twinkle Twinkle before bed and a brilliant rendition of Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.
5. Shouts "Dog" loudly every time she sees one. And sometimes when she doesn't. It's confusing.

This one:

1. Is growing nicely.
2. Has developed corners & edges. I can feel actual body parts now instead of just blobs.
3. Has stopped sapping all my energy so I'm actually getting something done for a change.
4. Likes to boogie when I'm resting.
5. Really has to be here early. But not on Christmas Day.

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