Saturday, 9 November 2013

On Saturday 9th November

We've spent most of the day driving around & shopping, trying to get sorted for Anna's birthday tomorrow and a decorating project we're starting on Monday. It was a long, boring trip for two preschoolers. Anna only napped for 15 minutes in the car & Isaac got fed-up of behaving himself before we hit Sainsbury's, our last stop.

You're struggling with your behaviour lately. Lots of defiance, huffing & tutting, easily frustrated & prone to major meltdowns. We're not sure if it's your age, all the changes going on around you, the other children at preschool or our recent parenting revisions. Time will tell I guess. In the meantime, we're just aiming for clear, consistent boundaries & consequences.

You're excited about the new baby. You like to feel it kicking and you think it's hilarious to sit 'on' the baby when I lift you.

You are great at sharing with your sister & looking after her. You've started trying to tell her off & fetching her back if she runs away.

You come out with the funniest, sweetest things. Like 'mummy you look very gorgeous today'.

You've learned to use the tv remote control to pause & restart your programmes on the iplayer. Too clever!

You turn two tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly that time has gone. You're so funny and sweet.

You love to sing, even if you can't actually pronounce the words.

You recognise McDonald's & KFC, loud shouts of "nuggets" from the backseat every time we go past. And yes, that word is very clear.

You like Mr Tumble and In The Night Garden. You ask to watch beebies and can turn the tv in our bedroom on without help!

You've just moved into Isaac's room at night. You still sleep really well & the two of you seem to be getting on well so far. You love lying in Isaac's bed and pretending to sleep.

You love to help and bring us things. You try to blow your nose, shame you use an entire packet of wipes to do it!

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