Monday, 23 June 2014

On the 11th of June

At 5 months old, you;

eat | still exclusively breast-feed every 3 or 4 hours.  You're awake once in the night around 3am to feed;
sleep | in your moses basket in the cot in the nursery, under a pile of handmade blankets (I love this about your bedding, so so much).  You're having 2 short naps in the morning and evening and a 2-3 hour mega-nap in the middle of the day;
wear | 3-6 month clothes, mostly just babygros.  It's still an event if you're wearing proper clothing.  I have pulled out some rompers for the hot hot days and you're not wearing a vest under your gro much these days;
poop | in cloth nappies all day, disposables at night;
love | your big brother, so so much, he's the funniest thing you've ever seen! Having your nappy changed so you can grab at your willy, and the baby wipes, and the packet, and pretty much everything else!  Being naked!
hate | waiting to be fed and not getting attention, you've turned into a proper little diva lately;
do | you stretch and try to roll but you can't quite sort your shoulders out to get all the way over, you have rolled from your front to your back on one occasion but you won't repeat the performance!  You still love to stand up and look around.  You can sit with support and you're straining to pull yourself forward from lying down;
say | burbling to yourself and blowing raspberries, with plenty of spit everywhere!  You're a social little thing and love to smile at the people who talk to you when we're out and about.  You've learned to laugh properly this month too, a lovely belly laugh;
grow | you cut your first tooth on the day you turned 5 months, so early!  You're bringing everything to your mouth for a good old chew.

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