Friday, 30 May 2008

A Pottering Sort of Day

Last official day of my annual leave today so I'm meandering around the house doing lots of little bits and pieces.

Need to finish the project I'm working on for my Dad as he's coming to stay Saturday night! Eeek - my first crafting project for my family! Not that I'm nervous about whether he'll like it..... much!

Thought you might like a piccie of us in Edinburgh!

Things I am loving at the moment:

  • Oats-so-simple instant porridge - perfect night shift food!

  • my lovely new bind-it-all!

  • glue dots in all shapes and size

Things I am not loving quite so much:

  • British rail (it's gonna cost me £40 to get the train from London to Kettering! I can drive door to door and back twice on that much petrol! And I want to save the planet!!)

  • Cliff-hanger endings and summer breaks - E.R. finished on C4 on saturday with an ambulance blowing up and 2 major characters possibly inside (you just know the one who's finally worked his life out is the one who died!) and Desperate Housewives is taking a summer break for.... Big Brother! Yuck!! Let's hope the sun comes out a bit more cos there's going to be nothing on the television this summer!

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