Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Welcome to Edinburgh

Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather, beautiful city. We arrived in Edinburgh on Sunday evening and checked into our Aparthotel - a fantastic idea. We have a great little 4 room apartment - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living/dining room. Very modern and well-decorated. Took a wander to see what's around. Dinner from a local Indian take-out. Really good food too!
Monday dawned bright and sunny so we walked into town to get some food - M&S (we're on holiday after all, we deserve a treat!!) before heading out for a picnic beside Loch Ore. Really windy by the Loch but we had a lovely walk around the edge (4 miles hubby reckons - almost makes up for the glass of wine with the take-out last night!) Went to the Sizzling Scot for dinner - lovely food and the service was fantastic. We shared a vension burger and a blue cheese Scottish Aberdeen Angus burger - mmmmm! Diet be damned!!
So today? Well the weather's not as good - bit overcast. We planning to visit Holyrood House and do a bit of shopping. Catch you later!!

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