Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sunny-side up!

The good thing about starting nights on Friday is that I have half-days all this week. Except Wednesday when I'm going to Stafford for teaching... and Friday when I have the daytime off. So really this week is 3 half-days at work, 1 day of teaching and Friday off. Which is very good.
The kittens continue to be joyous - they've grown again already. I think they get bigger overnight, every night. And cos I know you're interested, here are some more pictures!!
Callie killing the hairdryer label... don't ask me why!
Isn't she cute?
Scraproom complete with new storage and kittens causing havoc!
Cleo and her bubble-wrap fetish.

Otherwise, things continue apace. The kitchen cabinets are being delivered in 2 weeks. My exam is the week after. I've had to book all my annual leave so that I don't lose any of my allowance. Still don't know where I'm starting work in August, but at least I know it's August now! We've had a quote for doing the kitchen so I really better get on and choose some appliances and floor tiles. Spot the new tablelinen in the picture below - an Easter pressie from my wonderful husband!


Claire said...

Those are the cuest kittens I have ever seen! And the craft room looks gorgeous,love your hanging rail!

Sally D said...

so cute!!!!!

i see you are in Leics we have a crop up in notts once a month if you fancy joining us hun. let me know if you fancy it