Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Whistlestop Tour

So we've been busy since last I wrote - I can't remember what I did with my time before I had a baby to fill it with!!

The best way for me to remember what I've been doing is to browse my photo albums.  I take so many pictures these days and I'm getting less embarrassed about doing it too; people seem to expect a new mummy to have a camera glued to her hand at all times so I'm getting fewer strange looks!  All my photos get transferred to my laptop then backed up to an external hard drive monthly.  I'm also about to start making hard copies of them all on CD, not that I'm paranoid!!  Everything is sorted by year, then month and then into a descriptive folder e.g. Isaac, trip to the beach, etc.  Some folders have subfolders, mostly baby-related photos, to make finding the one I want easier.  If I want prints, for scrapping, gifts or putting in an album, I upload them to photobox and get a lovely parcel every couple of months.

So, since last I posted we've;

  • been to Mummy & Baby group - I love my mummies!!  We met at a New Parents' group organised by our health visiting team and now we get together every Wednesday to chat, drink coffee and eat cakes.  There's a lot of cake involved!!

  • met up with Cathy and Jonathan for swimming and coffee more times than I can count
  • visited Andy's parents
  • celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with the purchase of a tv/dvd player for our bedroom and Sunday lunch at a nearby pub.

  • and started weaning!  Which necessitated the purchase of baby food products and two highchairs!  (One is light and foldable for visiting family.)  Isaac's loving trying out lots of new foods.  Most of it ends up on his clothes, his hands, his face and the floor but every now and again he manages to swallow something!  It's making for some fantastic photo opportunities too!  Gotta love that boy!

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