Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning

So I should be at church this morning but baby boy's been all over the place with his sleep so we were up a bit too late to make it.  Instead, Isaac's asleep on our bed and Andy & I are chilling out on the sofa watching Heroes season 4, which has been on our Sky+ box for ages!  I'm busy knitting and he's got a fat cat on his knee.

I've been a bit of a knitting dervish lately.  I have plenty of hoodies for Isaac but unless they're done up to the chin they fall off his shoulders and I think he gets cold.  So I went looking for a nice jumper or two but couldn't find any that I liked.  About that time, we went exploring in a nearby village and found a lovely knitting shop.  I picked up a pattern and some lovely Fair-Isle style wool.  It took a few weeks to finish but I'm so pleased with the end result.

Now I'm knitting a little waistcoat and I've got plans for an hooded cardigan, a hat and gloves set and some wristwarmers (for me obviously).  Also thinking this might be the way to go for presents for the littlest nieces and nephew - finding nice knitted things that aren't too expensive is so difficult!

Isaac continues to be delightful!  This week he's found his feet and is now making proper baby poses for Mummy to photograph.  Yesterday we went swimming as a family for the first time.  Andy has a thing about indoor swimming pools (spoilt by a childhood by the sea and a pool in the back garden) but he had a good time with Isaac.  And I managed to swim a few laps while they played in the wading pool.  It's good to have a quiet family weekend, lovely as it is to have friends and family to stay.

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