Saturday, 4 December 2010

JYC 2010

Day 4: Perfect Christmas

So I spent the day singing S Club 7 at Isaac! My perfect Christmas revolves around the people in my life. Naturally I'd spend it with Andy & Isaac but there are other people there too.

Since I had Isaac, I appreciate my mum more. It started when she spent 5 days with us right after he was born. No, actually it started before that. The morning after I had him, I wanted my mum. Going home these days is fantastic; I love talking with my parents, seeing them with Isaac & just chilling out. (My Dad's great too, just for the record.)

My sister & her husband live in Texas. They usually visit at Christmas but won't be making it home this year for the first time. I miss them a lot.

And then there's my new family (also known as Andy's family). There's dozens of them, literally they don't all fit in 1 house. Plus
I have cousins and grandparents and plenty of friends, near & far.

It's definitely the people that do it for me.
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Emma said...

just read this

i miss you too

more than you know

x x x x x