Friday, 4 November 2011

document may 2011

I can't believe how quickly these 4 pages came together.  I started work on them yesterday while the boy napped, did about 45 minutes yesterday evening while he was in the bath and finished them this morning during naptime.  (I love 2 hour morning naps!)  So these are my pages for May 2011.  That was the month Isaac and all his friends started to turn 1 so that's taken up quite a lot of room.  I was back at work and so not taking as many pictures as usual or doing as many interesting things either.

May - Playground, Echo Park and Boy's Toys (embellishment kit), Make and Create Shop.  Birthday parties for Isaac's friends, 2 of which were cancelled for illness, Isaac learned to climb, things with no photos, playing in the park, 12 week scan for baby, Isaac's birthday party & Isaac's birthday.  Focus: Isaac turns one.

I love this paper range and I only once came across the problem of loving both sides of a piece of paper!  I used an embellishment kit I bought a little while ago, that's been sitting waiting for the right 'special project' to use it on.  In the spirit of pretty paper party, I just opened it up, tipped it out and used about half of it!  I love the little gingham flower and the felt car embellie the most!  Planning another order from this shop soon as their Christmas stuff looks like it will be fab!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last couple of posts - it's always great to know people are looking and liking!

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