Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On the tenth of July

If this goes out on time, it will only be because I starting writing it on June 26th!  What a month!! What has Anna done this month? What hasn't she done?!
Our first witnessed rolls, right back around the beginning of June. The first one I saw actually made me weepy. And now she's rolling, she's had to move out of the Moses basket for fear it might topple over. So she's sleeping in a cot at the foot of our bed. We're still up twice most nights for feeds but wake-up seems to have moved back to about 7am instead of 5.30am, yeay!!  And then, in the last week, Anna has learned to crawl (in a fashion) and sit up on her own.  It's led to some amusing sleeping positions, including sideways in her cot with her bum in the air!  She still loves to stand and is starting to pull herself up on things.  

One of the most joyous milestones, for me anyway, has proved to be when my babies learned to reach out their arms for me to pick them up. Not just accepting my actions but welcoming them. Also this month we've seen a bit more stranger awareness; crying when held by someone she's not familiar with. And expressing a preference to come back to me from someone else's arms.  She's still shrieking and laughing; one of the greatest joys of having two children is watching them laugh at each other.  She's started to babble occasionally - dadadada mostly - and flaps her hands around at people, the beginning of a wave, maybe?
Anna loves to eat - her favourite foods are bread, cheese and cucumber.  She's got so efficient in the last few weeks, almost everything goes in her mouth, which makes cleaning up a lot quicker!!  We saw the health visitor this month and she's developing right on track.  She weighed 18lb 1 1/2oz, continuing her progress just below the 75th centile.  We moved on to size 4 nappies this month as the size 3s were getting more than a little snug!
We had Anna's dedication service at our church on 24th June.  After the service, we had a family lunch back home, though Anna slept through the afternoon festivities.  I made a pink and orange striped sponge cake, inspired by a friend's daughter's christening cake.  It was a great day and we were so happy that our families could join us to celebrate our beautiful daughter.


Jenny said...

Such a beautiful little lady! Happy month-day Anna :) xx

Natasha Ting said...

you have a cute toddler. i love it when she pouts, haha!