Monday, 15 July 2013

On the stovetop*

I love the smell of risotto cooking on the hob. First it's butter melting, then garlic & onions, filling the house with their mouth-watering aromas. Splash in some wine, only the good stuff, something worth drinking with the meal, and the snapping, hissing as it hits the hot pan causes heady vapours to rise.
The next part, the slow part, the therapeutic part. It all melds together; butter, onions, wine & stock. Good food that takes time and patience. A little more stock, stir the pot. Turn the heat down, too much bubbling. Turn the heat up, we do want some bubbles after all! (I'm by no means an expert).
Then, at last, cheese and more butter, meltingly good. I didn't say it was healthy! But maybe it's good for you all the same.

I've missed my cooking these last couple of months. My work schedule has been hectic, nothing new there. But we've had an added complication:
Thankfully the "morning" sickness seems to be dying down so there might be a bit more cooking and maybe some more posting coming up. You never know!
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