Sunday, 8 September 2013

On cravings and aversions

In each of my three pregnancies, so far, I've completely lost interest in coffee and alcohol for the first few months at least. I like to get to work 10 minutes early to make sure I get my coffee in before handover starts. I love to share an instant latte over a chat with friends. A caramel cappuccino is a real treat when we're out & about. I've even tried out different decaf instants to see what l'd like best during this pregnancy.

But sadly, this time round, I'm 5 months pregnant and still completely uninterested in a cup of my favourite coffees. The smell doesn't make me nauseated anymore, though it did in the beginning. I'm just not bothered.

As for cravings, I've never been troubled by anything particularly weird but I have been desperate for fruit & veg. With Isaac it was peppers. With Anna, nectarines & apples. This baby seems to like clementines. And salad. I can't get enough.

And I'm drinking water like a... fish? Seriously, at work, where we have chilled filtered water coolers on each ward, I'll drink 2 litres in a shift. Even on a night shift, when I'm notoriously bad at remembering to drink enough. The only problem is making sure I get enough at home.

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