Wednesday, 11 September 2013

On embarking on a fluff bum adventure

***This is one in a series of posts about our switch from disposables to cloth nappies.  You can read the others here***

I considered using 'real' nappies when we had Isaac & decided it was too much, too soon.  I decided to concentrate on establishing breast-feeding and learning to care for a baby first and then think about adding in reusable nappies.  So, unsurprisingly, it never really happened.  I thought about cloth nappies again when I was pregnant with Anna but decided that it wouldn't be financially worthwhile for just one baby.  We loved Pampers but switched to Asda's Little Angels nappies after we had Anna.  Having two children in nappies was much more expensive and produced a heck of a lot of waste!
So when I fell pregnant this time, knowing we're likely to have another baby after this one, I decided that now was the time to try cloth.  It occurred to me that using cloth nappies for the first time on a todddler, with predictable toilet habits, would be much easier than trying to cope with adjusting to three children and a new system of nappying all at once.  Helpfully, I had a friend also trying cloth nappies for the first time and her instagram feed inspired me to have a go.  It's amazing how many secret cloth users come out of the woodwork when you start to talk about making the switch.
The world of cloth nappies is immmense.  There are loads of different companies out there, all producing slightly different products and systems.  Thankfully, there are also some really good resources for people considering what nappies would be best for them.  I personally used The Nappy Lady, first for advice and then for pretty much all of my purchases.  Their small team can provide an individual recommendation based on some reasonable detailed questions and their prices are competitive with free delivery over £15.  Friends also recommended BabyKind who loan nappy trial kits for really reasonable prices.  Both these sites have great advice on what's out there and how to make best use of it.

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