Sunday, 23 February 2014

On Sunday 23rd February

Reading... Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard. He writes so concretely and practically about Christian spiritual formation. But his style is dense and complex requiring a lot of concentration and sometimes rereading of sentences, paragraphs or whole sections! There's a lot of thought-provoking stuff in this book. (For less brain-heavy reading, I keep turning to my Feedly to catch up with some blogs.)

Relishing... the 9 hours sleep I got last night, though not the crazy-making day that preceded it.
Watching... Dollhouse on lovefilm. Loved this series the first time around!

Feeling... tired, despite the aforementioned good night's sleep. My brain still isn't functioning brilliantly; I'm easily distracted & keep losing the thread of conversation halfway through a sentence, even if I'm the one speaking.

Thinking... how badly our living room floor needs vacuuming.

Folding... mountains of laundry. I laughed at my friend (with a 3 year old and 8 month old twins) who said her washing machine is on non-stop. Couldn't believe she needed to do that much washing. Now I know better; this baby vomits. And real nappies with two? Hard. Work.
Eating... far too many treats. I need the extra calories for breastfeeding but I'm falling into bad habits. It's good to be aware of your body's needs. It is not good to be stuffing your mouth all day and never feeling hungry.

Wishing... my body would snap back to a proper clothing size. Preferably a size 10 on top and bottom. (I have never been that size in my life!)
Buying... things for the children. New furniture, new clothes, food. I've turned into *that* woman. "I never buy anything for myself these days."

Speaking... the positives about life with three children. It's far too easy to whinge about lack of sleep and not mention the baby smiles, curly ponytails and snotty kisses that make life fantastic right now.

Looking forward... to my time tomorrow. The older two are still going to their childcare Monday to Wednesday. It saves my sanity. I occasionally feel guilty about driving away from my children to spend my day without them. That feeling is pretty much gone by the time I get home.

Loving... watching Isaac being a big brother again. Seriously, the best thing about having more children is watching them be siblings.
Hoping... our new neighbours get the noisy parts of their DIY done soon. They've taken on a big project but they've been really considerate about noise & inconvenience to us. Looking forward to them being able to move in & getting to know them a bit more.

Sitting... post-feed and listening to the rest of my family eating tea downstairs.

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