Saturday, 12 April 2014

On the 11th of April

If you've been reading this blog for the last couple of years, you'll understand that 1 day isn't that late for one of these posts!

It's funny to think that this time 3 months ago we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl. I was in early labour and Andy insisted that this time we'd be ready to leave for the hospital without a last minute panic.

It feels like this little man has been part of our family forever and yet also that he can't possibly be 3 months old already! I keep double-checking that I have all the children in the car before we leave; at some point I'm going to forget him, he's so quiet when he's sleeping!

You're still exclusively breast-feeding, even if I keep almost offering you food by mistake. I've had mastitis this month which was a pain but quickly sorted with antibiotics. You've just started looking around while you feed and you smile at me when you catch my eye. You're still really windy and quite sicky with it. I'm going through fewer muslin cloths each day though so it must be getting better! You still have nasty cradle cap though your hair hides it well.

You sleep really well but we have no pattern AT ALL so far. Occasionally you sleep through the night but usually you wake once or twice. Half past five is my least favourite feed-time because there isn't quite enough time to go back to sleep properly before we have to get started for the day. You tend to have one long nap and several short ones during the day. Some evenings you sleep, some you spend on the sofa with us. You will always sleep in your carseat or the sling if you're tired but resisting a nap. Like Anna, you often whinge to yourself before dropping off.

You tend to wake up and feed, have a nappy change, play then nap again. You cannot stand having a dirty nappy! You're mostly in cloth nappies but we've been really relaxed about using disposables when we need to. The only times you cry are when you're hungry, dirty or tired. Or if someone has just jumped on you.

You've found your hands lately & you chew them with gusto. You've started grabbing things and pulling them but more by luck than judgement. I've started giving you toys to hold and you lie on your mat, looking at the dangly things quite happily. You love to stand up and only need support for balance. You look really cute as your head bobbles around!

You suffer from third child syndrome and get left to your own devices a lot. It's lovely watching Isaac be a bigger big brother; he thinks you're fab and keeps bringing you things that he's made for you. Anna is so affectionate but she doesn't realise when she's being too rough.

You coo and gurgle and growl at us a lot. You like people and you smile at them readily. You love it when I sing to you and grin back at me! You seem captivated by the baby in the mirror but you won't smile at the mummy there with him!

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