Monday, 15 September 2008

Check out this girl!

Finally off work today after working 7 days straight. Busy busy!! House sale seems to be coming through as well (if the solicitors can stop mucking things up!). This is a flying visit just to check and say...

Have a look at this girl's blog - she's my little sister, starting her married life on the other side of the world. Far too far away for my liking but she seems to be enjoying herself. They've just arrived in San Antonio where they'll be working for the year so there should be more new soon. Keep an eye out, she'll see amazing things this year if past experience is anything to go by!


Leanne said...

heloo my dear thanks for the comment on my blog 0 the lace cardstock - i just drew a circle (used a plate i think) then cut it out?! and the dymo type i got here Lx

Emma said...

I can't believe your last post was about me!!

You should write more about you, so I can know more about what's going on in your continent ;o)

(mine's still nice and sunny!! hee hee!!)