Thursday, 4 September 2008

Time flies!

Doesn't seem like a week since I was last here. Been busy since then. First a few LOs for your delight and delectation. The next 3 DLOs for My Freedom - I'll have to post a piccie of the album they live in, it's sooooo pretty!

Next a new project; Learn Something New Everyday by Shimelle (noticing a theme yet?) Really really please with how they've turned out (ok, not so much sept 2nd but it'll do for now). Especially pleased with the cover. And that I've managed to keep up for 3 days in a row now!! Of course, I am on clinic week so I've been home all day monday and wednesday and left work before 2pm all the other days. Maybe with a full-time week things will be different, but for now I'm happy!

And lastly, an exciting delivery. Picked up my new crocs from the post office today. Ruby Red Mary Janes. So so pretty and very comfortable. Haven't taken them off since I got home!! And I've just ordered some lovely bits and bobs from etsy. Yummy yummy!


Leanne said...

loving your lo'! hun!! Lx

Wendy said...

wow so much eyecandy!!!! gorgeous pages.