Monday, 10 November 2008

I'm Back!!!

We are finally online at our new home! It's only taken the better part of a month! So here, as promised are some new home piccies! These are the befores, the afters will come tomoro.

On the day we got the keys - of course, we were supposed to pick them up at about 11am. Actually got them about 2pm and then the previous owner was still there doing some cleaning (we're not sure what they were cleaning, there was a lot still to do once we got in). And still there at 5pm when we went back for the second time. At which point we called the estate agents to get rid of them!!

Open the front door, and here's the stairs. Very useful for getting to the bedrooms.

Living room - looks better with furniture in it.

Kitchen - got to love the orange wallpaper. And the kitchen that hasn't been updated for the last 20 years!

Dining room - more orange wallpaper and those shelves/cabinets eliminate about a foot of floor space. Turn in tomoro to see what Andy did to them!!

1 comment:

daydreamer said...

Hi Louise :)
Wow fab house, glad your finally in & getting settled, look forward to seeing your 'after' pics of you bringing the place 'up to date' lol!
It will look great when you've stamped your own personality on the place.
Take care, Rach x