Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Freedom LOs

So I've actually managed to complete 2 DLOs for Shimelle's My Freedom class! Given that this is the third class I've done, and these are the first LOs I've actually complete, that's quite an achievement. They've worked quite well, I think. It's not my usual style; I've based them mostly on the prompts from Shimelle and followed her sketchs quite closely. I've had the Piggy Tales pp (Baa Baa Black Sheep) for ages just waiting for the 'right project'.

The first prompt was 'Time' and what it means to me.

The journalling is based on 2 elements; an hour-by-hour description of my day and some thoughts about how I'd spend a perfect day and what I think about time.

Time to rise
I love the extremes of the day; early mornings when the light is grey, late nights when the air is clear.
Time to prepare
I work best with small routines that slot into my day so I get everything done and don’t feel rushed.
Time to drive
My most recent milestones were getting married and starting work; now I have responsibilities.
Time to work
All the clocks in the hospital tell a (slightly) different time so a watch is essential equipment.
Time to act
Urgent isn’t always important; there’s nothing, except a crash call, that can’t wait 10 minutes for a rest.
Time to eat
I have good intentions about my time but I rarely follow through.
Time to reassure
I can only do my job – not everyone else’s as well.
Time to explain
I have a new watch from Next. It only cost £20 but it makes me feel shiny and smart when I wear it.
Time to handover
We start with a plan and it usually goes out the window within the hour.
Time to check in
If I had one day to do anything, I’d make time to see friends; coffee and a browse at Borders.
Time to talk
I’d be productive.
Time to watch t.v.
I’d watch something I really want to and then turn off the television.
Time to read
And I’d do something just for me; - reading or scrapping.
Time to relax
Most of my time is spent on work, housework and unfulfilling television.
Time to sleep
There’s something eery and lovely about being awake when most people are asleep.

The second prompt was 'Travel'. I focused my photos on how I travel day-to-day and picked the questions I liked most for the journalling.

What modes of transportation do you use?
I drive my car, a lovely little purple Ford KA, and occasionally I take the bus. I still drive Mum & Dad’s Volvo from time to time. I walk a lot around the hospital and I try to walk to places when I have a day off.
For what reasons do you travel?
I drive to work most days and stop at the supermarket or the petrol station on the way home. Otherwise, I travel for errands; I’ve started walking down the road to the local shops instead of driving to the supermarket. I travel to visit my family mostly and occasionally to visit friends. We travel to go on holiday; mostly by car but by plane a couple of times.
Do you travel light or push your luggage allowance to the limit?
I travel with enough luggage to be prepared and usually 3 pairs of shoes. I don’t pack as much as I used to. And now, when I go away overnight only, I take my small green wheelie case. I have a medium purple one too; apparently I look quite amusing with
both, prancing through the airport.
What place in the world has left an impression on your soul?
I loved San Francisco and I would love to go back one day and explore some more. We went to Antigua on our honeymoon and it was amazing. Time moved quite differently there; we got up early and walked on the beach before breakfast. It was calm and peaceful and we had a wonderful time just being together. I really want to go back there one day and spend a few weeks doing nothing together.

That's it for now. Might be back later, you never know!!

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