Thursday, 23 September 2010

Getting back to me...

Learn something new continues apace - I'm so pleased I'm keeping up with lessons though I'm not reading the prompts or scrapping everyday. It's also making me quite reflective - September seems to be the month that I'm coming back to being me, not just mummy. I've bought some new clothes & made some new friends. I'm getting out of the house with others or just me & Isaac. I'm trying to build my confidence to teach him to be brave & to stand by his principless and it seems to be spilling over to the rest of me too. I seem to be getting better at the mummy-thing too, of course today is a good day, ask me again tomorrow!

Which sort of sums up the overall lesson. Tomorrow is a new day; Isaac starts each day with a clean slate, delighted to see me when he wakes in the morning. I guess as we get older our memories get better & we can hold grudges for longer, not just against others but against ourselves too. I know that isn't a healthy way to live, it's definitely not what God intends for me. I'm learning a lot about how God is providing for our family both materially & emotionally at the moment and I'm more confident than ever that He has a good plan for our future.

Enough profundity! Here's a baby photo (I know you want one!)

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