Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lordy Lordy...

... it's taken me 3 days to work out how to log-in to Blogger from this computer!  New security software is to blame - nice to know that my computer is so secure!  I suppose I could have blogged from the Mac but my laptop has all the photos!

Isaac continues to grow nicely - weighed in yesterday at 16lb 10oz.  He's busy learning to blow raspberries; Andy's been blowing them at him for weeks so it makes sense that that would be the first thing he decides to learn.  He's babbling, smiling and laughing all the time now.  He pushes up to stand if you hold his fingers and much prefers to sit up.  It's not all sunshine and smiles - for the last week Isaac's refused to fall asleep in his cot or moses basket so I'm cuddling him to sleep 4 or 5 times a day.  Hoping it's just a phase and it passes soon.

I don't want this to be another baby-bore posting - I don't have much else going on in my life at the mo.  It's true that all new mums want to talk about it their baby!  I have been trying to scrap when I find the time.  This lovely lady is running her Learn Something New Everyday class again during September.

I first did this class in 2008, which happened to be when we were moving house.  I made it to the 14th writing notes everyday but only scrapped the first 8 pages.  I also had an entry for the 30th so I spent a couple of days completing the pages for the notes I had.  I figured if I could finish a book 2 years after I started it, with sufficient note-taking, then I had no excuse for not doing it again this year.  (The great thing about Shimelle's annual classes - LSNE and Journal Your Christmas - is that once you join up once you get the prompts every year unless you opt out).  So I've been reflecting on each day just before I go to bed and writing some notes in a little book.  I've also been documenting my lessons as status updates on facebook.  And now that I have some cream cardstock to make pages, I'm hoping to get scrapping soon.  Watch this space for photos!

Oh, and just one more sneaky photo of the baby!  I promise Andy put him in there, I had nothing to do with it!!

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