Thursday, 13 October 2011

It's been a busy 6 months.... I've neglected to keep you up-to-date on a lot of things.  Month-by-month round-up?  Why, what an excellent idea!

March 2011

  • I passed MRCPCH part 1b, on the 4th attempt, to great sighs of relief.
  • We found out we were expecting our second child.
  • My father-in-law, David, died of mesothelioma.  Despite a gradual deterioration over the last few months, in the end, it was quick and he died at home with his wife.  We celebrated his life 10 days later with a fantastically well-attended memorial - an indication of how loved and valued he was in his community.
  • We celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in Plymouth.
  • I returned to work full-time and Andy gave up his job to be a full-time Dad.
April 2011
  • We celebrated the weddings of Helen & Anthony and Nat & Ollie.
  • Sarah & James came to stay and we had a BBQ with friends.  Pretty much the best of the weather for the summer!
May 2011
  • We got our first glimpse of the new baby - all good so far!
  • We celebrated first birthdays with our Mummies and Babies.
  • Isaac turned 1 year and we had his first birthday party.  I even baked and iced the cake!
  • We visited Mum & Dad for Isaac's actual birthday.
June 2011
  • Isaac learned to walk; as with most things, he took his time about it having been walking with support since March.
  • We celebrated more first birthdays with more parties!
  • We had our second, more detailed scan and discovered we're going to have a little girl.  Here's hoping she's smaller than her brother!

July 2011
  • We celebrated Sophie & Steve's wedding at Sandhurst Military Academy; our first day out without Isaac, who we left with my parents.

August 2011
  • I attended Laura's hen-do in London; a good excuse to stay with Mum & Dad.
  • More midwife appointments and a diabetes test (just in case that was the reason Isaac was such a big baby).

September 2011
  • We celebrated Andy's eldest brother and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary - the first big family celebration since we lost David.
  • I sat the MRPCH part 2 written exam in London (it's never-ending!).
  • I started my maternity leave.

October 2011
  • Ben & Laura got married on a beautfiul day and jetted off to Hawaii for their honeymoon!
  • Andy got a new job working in Coventry; it's a six-month temporary contract initially but may well continue beyond that.
  • We bought a second car to allow for commuting.
  • We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Twycross Zoo & a M&S 'takeaway' for two.
All of which takes us up to date.  I've got 4 weeks left til my due-date and I'm already bored of day-time tv so hopefully the next update won't be so long coming!

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