Sunday, 30 October 2011

pretty paper party prompts #2 & #3

I'm blogging a bit out of order cos I don't have pictures for the first prompt and I sort of combined prompts 2 and 3.

Prompt 3 was a scary one.  Take 10-12 sheets of patterned paper, pick a few that you want to use the whole sheet as a background then cut the rest into boxes.  No plan, no photos chosen, just cut them into different sized and shaped boxes.  Then put them onto background paper or cardstock.  Then choose the photos.  Ummm.... pretty sure that usually works the other way around!  It's a speedy way of scrapping that uses up some of that stash and is particularly handy to scrap photos without much story to tell.  So it wins for me on both counts.

So here is my selection of paper.  I chose 2 sheets of paper from the same range that I liked but never knew what to do with before and then picked co-ordinating papers to match the colour scheme of blue, purple, green and dark brown.  I couldn't find enough whole sheets in my random sheets bags so I used some different-sized scraps as well.  I think I ended up with 12-15 different patterns and 3 sheets of co-ordinating cardstock in the end.

Then I picked 3 sheets for background and cut the rest up into shapes.  I needed to find a few more sheets of cardstock because I ended up with the start of 10 layouts!  And here they are:

And then I picked some photos - I limited myself to December 2010 and January 2011, I really do have an overwhelming number of prints to scrap!

So far I've finished 8 of these layouts.  The 2 that are left are photos I love but need a bit more journalling so I need a bit more time for them.

I love love love these!


Malin/malwa said...

Well done! The results are just beautiful!
And I really like how you show the different stages of your layouts, too. :)

Me, I haven't dared that prompt yet. ;) But think that maybe I will on Saturday, since I'm off to a crop then.

scrappyjacky said...

The pages have turned out beautifully.
Although I've made some pages where I chose the papers before the photos....I haven't yet been brave enough to actually make up the pages before choosing the photos....not yet anyway!!!!

Jen said...

amazing! These are fab, I love your choice of colours.

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog - I've been back at work for a couple of months now & I think I'm finding that balance graduall!

Lynn said...

wow, you got a lot of layouts done with this prompt! they look great, congrats!

Scribble Monster said...

What a fab job. It is such a scary thing to do but so freeing. I shall definitely do this again :)