Sunday, 30 October 2011

pretty paper party

So I signed up to a new scrapbooking class.  Nothing new there, I have about half a dozen registrations (all with Shimelle as it happens) that I've never completed, but will do one day, honest!!  The thing I love about Shimelle's classes is that, while the class prompts are sent out over a specified time, you have everlasting access to the forum and materials even once the class has technically ended.  So maybe I actually will end up finishing those classes one day.... Maybe not, but a girl can dream!

This particular class looks at the huge stash of patterned paper that most scrapbookers (and I am no exception) own and says "how are you going to use that investment of time and money to make something beautiful that you love?"  Perfect for me, especially since my mother commented about my hoarding tendencies when they last visited.  I didn't try to explain that every single little bit of stash was necessary and would get used eventually because.... frankly it isn't true!  Like most people I've made distinctly dodgy purchasing decisions in the past and I too am guilty of the number one scrapbooking crime....

Not using a piece of paper or an item in my stash because I love it and it's too pretty and this project isn't special enough and it doesn't exactly fit the colour scheme and I'm not sure how to make it work and.... and.... and....

So I need some help using up all that stuff and documenting the things that I want to remember and reminisce about with my children and grandchildren in years to come.  Because the other thing I have bucketloads of is photos.  Now I'm a mother, I seem to have an excuse for having a camera permanently attached to my hand and I have piles of beautiful, exciting or cute photos that I want to display for others (or just me) to see.

So that's the manifesto.  Thanks for reading.

BTW, I'm slightly behind in blogging - this class started 2 weeks ago - but you can still sign up, just click the picture at the top of this post!!

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