Monday, 13 February 2012

On sleeping babies...

...because at 11:30pm, that's what a mummy's mind rests on.

  • Slept through from 5 weeks
  • Slept all over the house, but almost always in the Moses basket
  • Took forever to learn how to fall asleep on his own (he still isn't quite there)
  • Wanted to spread out with plenty of room
  • Slept in a Moses basket next to daddy & then at the foot of the bed
  • Decided to sleep best completely covered by his duvet, sometime around 15 months
  • Needed rocking to sleep while he screamed, every night
  • Never settled in our bed & still won't sleep with us
  • Fell asleep leaning back against our chests in the rocking chair
  • Would always fall asleep in the car, until he wouldn't
  • Lay on his front for ages & now gets into some amazing positions in his sleep.
  • Sleeps in a Moses basket next to me
  • Wakes once or twice a night to feed
  • Falls asleep on her own, in her bed after a little cry
  • Slept in our bed for the first 6 weeks
  • Loved to sleep while being cuddled
  • Buried her face in the sides of the basket while she sleeps (or my pillow, or me)
  • Falls asleep on the floor
  • Slept all over the house, on the sofa, the floor, in her carseat, but rarely the Moses basket
  • Has started to suck her thumb
  • Wakes up happy & smiling, chatting to me
  • Always sleeps in the car
  • Preferred to sleep on her front but now sleeps always on her back.
I'm amazed how different my babies are already!

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