Monday, 12 November 2012

On the 10th of November

This time last year, I was a brand-new mummy to this little girl.  Born at 11.10pm on the 10th of November 2011, 50 minutes before her due-date.  All 8lb 4oz of her.
November 2011
Today you turned one year old.  You have such a sunny disposition, always smiling and excited with life in general.  You love to spend time with people, following us around the house.  You and Isaac are just starting to play together and you watch him so carefully sometimes.  You play a great game, offering us your toys then snatching them back again.
December 2011

January 2012
You still have two naps, morning and afternoon, and you're always pleased to see us when we come to get you up.  Isaac likes to be the one to open your door to say hi first but you cry at him and reach for me.  You sleep in the white cot in your own room, wearing a grobag and covered by a blanket.
February 2012

March 2012
You're just about fitting your 9-12 month clothes now and still wearing size 4 nappies.  You still wear your first shoes.  I bought you some wellies but you think you can't walk when you're wearing them.  You're so beautiful, with curly red-gold hair and big blue eyes.  You have such sturdy legs and a little podgy tummy.
April 2012

May 2012
You still have an amazing appetite - fish fingers are just about the only food you don't like.  You eat apricot wheats for breakfast most mornings.  You like sandwiches for lunch.  You prefer to eat your chicken nuggets cut into small pieces.  You drink from sippy cups and a valved cup with handles though you'd much rather take Isaac's drink!  You've discovered squash and you prefer that to water.  You have cow's milk when I'm working late or overnight.
June 2012

July 2012
You walk like a toddler, almost never wobbling now.  You can climb the entire flight of stairs without help, even without us noticing.  We've put the stairgate back up again.  You like to play with your shape-sorters.  You've started to play using your imagination, drinking from cups (and the tea-pot!).  You put things in and out of containers.  You are opening drawers and cupboards, if you can reach the handles!
August 2012

September 2012
You have a great time with your childminder; she treats you like her second daughter and you are so confident with her and her husband.  Her little boy chases you around, even though he's two months younger than you and only cruising.  You're starting to run away or stand your ground.  You like to go to creche at church, every so often you fall asleep on one of the helpers.
October 2012
November 2012
You babble and chat to us, you say mam-mam-mam and dadda.  You say 'mo' for more food and point at the thing that you want on the table.  You dance when you hear music, bobbing up and down or turning in circles.  You particularly like a book that plays 'The Wheels on the Bus' and press the button repeatedly.  And on your first birthday, you held up my camera and said "cheese", I'm so proud!

We love you so much Anna.  This year has gone so quickly, you are always surprising us with the new things that you are learning to do.  You're growing into a beautiful, sunny girl and we're so glad you're a part of our family.

Love you always, Mummy xxxx

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