Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My name is Louise and I am a procrastinator!

Ok, so I've updated a little bit. But there's a hidden reason behind this - I have h****work and studying to do. And suddenly I remember all those little things I've been meaning to do for ages that must be done right now!

I've had quite a productive day so far though. My little sister (not that she's that little anymore!) is coming to stay tonight and I realised how disgusting my house actually is! I've managed to get most of the mould of the ceiling of the bathroom (weak solution of water and bleach). I hate cleaning the bathroom! It is my least favourite bit of cleaning; I'd even empty the bins rather than clean the bathroom. But it is now clean - must keep that mildew at bay! And I've vacuumed the upstairs, made the bed, put away all the washing and generally made the place look presentable. I also wandered down the road to the excellent local shops to buy some flowers for the spare room (don't they look pretty?) and the living room. Flowers make the whole place look a bit more together, I think. And they also detract from the massive pile of boxes on the floor! The downside of Emma coming to stay? I have to tidy the dining room so we can eat off the table - and this means losing my scrap-room! But that can wait til tomorrow!

I got a lovely parcel today. Night before last, I was working on a little book I'm making for a Fruitloops CJ. I bought a lovely clasp to hold it together and went to set it only to discover it needed a hole punching in the back and front covers of the book. No problem, except I usually make holes with my silent setter (using all my own strength - no noisy hammers) or my home office holepunch. The covers of my little book? Made of clipboard - my BIA even struggled with them! And they're too thick to fit in the hole punch anyway. So hubby's answer - "Why not buy yourself a crop-a-dile? How much do they cost?" I have the best husband in the whole world! I think he was half-asleep at the time and didn't know what he was saying but I wasn't going to look a gift-horse in the mouth. I've been umming and aahhing about a crop-a-dile for ages but didn't really see the point (not much into altering things and a hole punch works just fine for most things). For punching chipboard and clipboard, etc, it's essential. So I had a quick look at UKS - sure enough, someone's asked about crop-a-diles recently. A quick tour showed me that Silly Monkey Crafts had the best deal for me, especially given the free P&P! Was hoping it would be delivered today so was very disappointed when the postie came without it. But I was just sitting down to lunch when the DHL lady rang the doorbell! So now I am the proud owner of a brand-new lime green crop-a-dile and it's very exciting!

I must do some work! Exams loom in early September and at £300 a pop (with 2 parts to pass) I really need to pass first time! With all the bills that have arrived, we're going to have to spend nearly £1000 this month! Just to keep me registered to practice! If you're a consultant earning £70K, a grand isn't that bad but for a baby SHO on £33K it's a bit more of a blow. £390 to the GMC (up £100 from last year), £190 to the BMA, £60 to a defence organisation, £360 for exam fees and an undisclosed sum to register with the Royal College! Yikes! So must do some work so I'll pass the exams, get a run-through training job next year and progress in my career so I can afford to have babies! So bye!!

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