Sunday, 20 July 2008

Weekend at Work

Last day of 7 today before a whole day and a half to myself! Feel like I've been working forever! Especially with the wedding last weekend - no time to relax for about a month now!

So tomorrow is my day off before I start nights on tuesday evening. I have plans already:
  • gym
  • supermarket
  • clean out fridge
  • cook something yummy
  • sort out and edit photos from the wedding
  • order from photobox
  • scrap, scrap, scrap!
I have lots of yummy new stash to play with. GoGo arrived on Thursday (but the in-laws were visiting so no time to play - they were a bit confused about what I actually did with all the paper and bits). As did Claire's CJ - it's beautiful. And I even have a plan for my LO! Plus I was very naughty and bought 2 kits from CarolinezCraftz cos they were 30% off. (It was a bargin - the robots are fab and the Love, Elsie Claire stuff I really wanted anyway!)

I've just seen how many exclamation marks are in this post already so I'm going to stop there. Tee hee, maybe more tomorrow! Bye!!!

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