Monday, 14 July 2008

Wedding Day!!

My little sister got married on Saturday! Can't believe how quickly it came round in the end, feels like we've been preparing for ages! She looked fab and we all had a wonderful day. The only downside is that she and hubby are going to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon (stay with me, the bad bit is coming) so they flew out to America on Sunday and aren't coming back til Christmas. Otherwise, it was a generally fab weekend!
Here are some piccies:
The wedding party during the signing of the register. The dads have their backs to you but the rest of us look quite good! BTW, I have Em's flowers too - I didn't get a huge bouquet for being maid of honour!The beautiful bride and her handsome groom - I only realised this weekend how sweet and romantic my new BIL is. Remind me to tell you about it sometime soon!

Giggling girlies! What this picture doesn't show is that 2 seconds ago, we almost all fell over to the right (and almost landed on the bride). The bridge was designed for golfers walking to the bar and isn't set up for women in heels!

My Mummy and Me!! Hubby is really quite good with a camera - don't often get a photo where both of us look presentable!

I love this piccie of hubby and me, which is unusual cos I hate piccies of me!! I think the make-up helped!!

There will be more photos in the future - but these are a good start! We had lovely weather for the photos. And how cute are these cake-toppers? There's a wonderful lady in Scotland who makes them to individual specifications. (Ours is the second one down in the middle column!)

That's it for now. Back, prob tomoro for an update. But then I'm working a late shift, so maybe not!!

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Clairewill said...

You and yous sister both look gorgeous and lovely x