Wednesday, 27 August 2008

2 posts in one day?! Never!!

Just finished this minibook - a gift for my old housemate who's moved to Liverpool to start her GP training job. It's taken forever!! I started it back in July, I think and I'm going to have to post it to her. I'm not sure when she'll be back in Leicester. I'm really proud of the book (despite the fact that the rings haven't come together quite straight) - it sort of evolved as I went along. The idea was to have lots of photos of house-related things and then I decided I needed some journalling too, to make it more a memory book than a photo album. I used Basic Grey Sultry stash (pp, rub-ons, buttons, glazed brads and stickers), some BG 2 Scoops fibres, Bazzil CS, Stickles and my lovely BIA. So here are the pictures;

So that's that. I hope you like it. Need to work out some way of sending it in perfect condition to Liverpool. It's never going to be toddler-proof so I probably ought to include a warning (she lives with her sister, BIL and nephew). Plus, I need to find out the names of the other people who lived in the house since I moved out. There were a lot of us in the end; 5-bed house and only Sarah was there for the whole time. I lasted the second-longest but defected when I got married! It was a great place to live and I have some really great memories tied up in it. It's a real shame to think I'll probably never go back there again.

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