Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Stash!!

First things first; my new stash from my epic buying of the last few days! Once again, fantastic service from UKS sponsors - Sarah's Cards and Scraprevolution. Both parcels arrived this morning with my friendly postie. (BTW, the parcelforce driver round here is a lady and she wears shorts. All the time. She's quite smiley!)

Yummy yummy!! Can't wait to make use of all that stash! Particularly love the AC cardstock. 8.5x11 is a size I'm really enjoying at the moment.

On a more irritating note, received a letter this morning from our mortgage brokers regarding our solicitors. I'm so upset by it, I'm just going to quote (verbatim including spelling and grammar mistakes!!) the letter!

...they have advised that the solicitors you have chosen are not on there
panel and have advised they need you chose new ones...

This is from an office manager of a morgage broker. You'd hope she has some English qualifications! Or at least a grammar checker on her pc! And, given that they know we want to move as quickly as possible, why not ring us? They have hubby's mobile number and he's very reachable even at work. Very very irritating!
Ok, rant over. Now a philosophical question; why is it when I sit down to scrap, I spend hours being very busy but don't produce a single LO?!

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