Tuesday, 11 November 2008

More house-y photos!

As promised, here are the after photos. We'll do upstairs tomoro!!

Living room looks better now - there's quite a bit less rubbish hanging around and we've moved the bookcases. But everything looks so right in there, especially with our red curtains.
And now for the evidence of my husband's destructive tendencies. I let him loose with some hand tools and look what happened!!

But look at it now;

We'll do something else with those alcoves when we do the kitchen but for now, the remains for the shelves work well enough.

I'm really pleased with the way the house is coming together. It feels like home and the right place to be for us. Can't quite believe that we might have our children here!!!

1 comment:

Leanie said...

Will have to find you some Bob The Builder embellies to scrap those, lol :)
I notice there's no pic of the offending individual himself... must have been on a tea break :)
L xx