Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Thought I'd bring you the befores and afters together for the upstairs. We've done more upstairs than anywhere else at the moment. I think when you see the master bedroom before, you'll understand why that was our first priority! We might have to split this into 2 sections, depending on how many photos I end up using and how long they take to upload.
Here is our lovely bathroom - the tiles aren't too bad but the wallpaper is horrendous and the bathroom fittings are outdated. So we've removed most of them and the clock and the wallpaper is almost all gone.
Toilet before; note the broken toilet seat - you don't want to know what it looked like underneath!!

Work in progress; we had Andy's sister and her family to stay a few weeks ago and Tilly thought it was great to rip the wallpaper off. We were very careful to make sure she understood she couldn't do it anywhere else or in anyone else's house!!

So the decorating is still in progress but look at my brand-new toilet seat! How cool is that?!
The boxroom - bigger than I remembered it being, but it was always full of junk when we viewed the property. The best bit is how the wallpaper doesn't match the carpet, which doesn't match the curtains, which don't match the wallpaper. 3 different patterns none of which are nice. But it's low down on the list.Our boxroom - more of a wardrobe room really. Plus a general junkroom at the moment. Every house has to have a junkroom. We think this will eventually be a nursery, but where we'll put all the clothes is anybody's guess!!

And my favourite room, the master bedroom. The befores are scary. The wallpaper was so dark and oppressive and the window decorations left a lot to be desired. Those pelmets were the first things to go.

And now;

I love this room so much. It's a quiet sanctuary for Andy and me. Nothing but a bed and some chests of drawers. The colours are so peaceful and relaxing. And we can finally put pictures up on the walls where we want them to be. The rhinos in the alcove (spot the old cupboard minus the doors?) are a housewarming gift from Andy's parents. It looks so beautiful and fits perfectly in the room.

Ok, I'm photo'd out now. I'll do the scraproom and the loft a little bit later. Must go and shower and think about going to the supermarket. See you later!


Clairewill said...

I'm really enjoying your photos. We moved into a house that was already pretty much decorated to our tastes, but now I want it to look like yours! Your finished rooms are stunning x

Anonymous said...

o0o0o wow! looks great! :)