Friday, 13 April 2012

On April 10th

She turned 5 months old. She jumps, tries to stand and just about sits with support. She shouts and shrieks and coos. She blows bubble and raspberries and dribbles everywhere. She'll chew your finger off given half a minute. She tried toast but decided her thumb tasted better. She still goes to sleep like an angel and wakes only once a night. She's caught another cold but escaped the chicken pox. She has slightly gingery hair and the brightest blue eyes. She adores her brother even when he pokes her, kicks her and squashes her (mostly by accident). Her giggle is infectious and I could spend hours making her smile. Love you baby girl, happy five months.

Thankfully, time has slowed since the first three months of her life. I'm holding on to these precious times while they're here, not eager to rush on to the next stage because it's coming whatever I do and I won't get these days back again.

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