Sunday, 22 April 2012

On real life

I wanted to take a photo with me & the kids - looking through our photos, there aren't enough with me in them.  But Anna couldn't sit properly & Isaac wanted the camera so I have some bad photos with me laughing & Isaac diving to grab the camera from Andy.  Sigh!

And another inspired by Shimelle's online scrapbooking weekend - challenge 15, rubbish photos!  This year I'm trying to take more photos of me with the children.  As I'm the one holding the camera, I'm very rarely in the pictures so I have loads of photos of Andy with Isaac and/or Anna and practically none of me.  This little photo shoot was a bit of a disaster - Isaac loves cameras.  He likes to see himself in the viewscreen and holds the camera up to his nose to 'take his picture'.  And he's just starting to figure out that what's on the screen is what's in front of the camera.  It's fascinating to see the wheels turning in his head.

This page is very me in terms of design but I tried to stretch myself a bit with the big cluster of 'stuff', using a range of different bits from different manufacturers.  I like how it turned out and I'm glad I'm scrapping recent photos using products that I love.  Happy scrapping day!

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Leanne said...

Love it!! I try to get more pics of me too. Self timer is my friend!