Thursday, 19 April 2012

On a snowy February day

Your first real snowfall - you weren't sure at first but once Daddy went with you, you were happy to walk out into the garden. Your car was covered in snow & you insisted Daddy cleared the top off before you got in. Once you came in with your cold hands, you had hot chocolate. Yummy!

Challenge 5; take inspiration from a layout by Wilna Furstenberg. I created a rough sketch from the layout and used a pale cardstock background (though mine is cream not white). I used the theme of snow and I cropped 3 portrait snaps down to 4x5 to mimic the 12x5 panoramic shot. I've also included a transparency strip along the top of the photos. In some ways this is a lot like other layouts I've created but something about it felt a bit awkward while I was creating. I'm not entirely happy about the colours I've used; there are too many different things in different colours, I like a more unified look. But it's good to stretch a bit and try something a bit different, even if it just clarifies your own style and preferences. Overall I'm happy, especially since I'm mixing old and new stash in this one. It makes me happy to see the things I love actually on layouts, instead on in drawers and containers!

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Leanne said...

Love this! Love the twine and he looks so cute!!