Saturday, 21 April 2012

On the back step

March sunshine - sitting in the back garden - feeding the baby - watching Isaac play - wearing sandals for the first time this year - dinner on the patio - flipflops, ladybirds & sunhats - Isaac in shorts - avoiding direct sunlight & trying not to get cold in the shade - the cows are back - lazy days togethers - <3 27th March 2012

I LOVED this challenge!  Create a scrapbook page with four unique sections.  I was going to do 4 5.5x5.5 sections but my leftover papers didn't quite work.  And then I cut something the wrong size and I ended up with this layout.  Originally, the skinny sections were both on the left but I did the butterfly first, then the photo and then the journalling card.  Then I realised I had nothing to add to the apples section apart from decoration and I didn't like how it looked with all the content on one side and just decoration on the other.  And actually, I like the off-set nature of this page.  And I really really like the idea - I think I'll probably do this again.  I made each section individually but tied them all together (figuratively) buy repeating some related elements and using the same ribbon on most of them.

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