Wednesday, 11 April 2012

On life today

Wearing; pre-pregnancy jeans, purple T-shirt and chunky knit green cardi.

Reading; Knowing God by J.I. Packer - I read this book before but years ago.  I'm only 3 chapters in but God is speaking to me clearly already.  Last night, my attention was arrested by this passage, which I read over and over before I fell asleep.

'Then, third, knowing God is a matter of grace.  It is a relationship in which the initiative throughout is with God - as it must be, since God is so completely above us and we have so completely forfeited all claim on his favour by our sins.'

Scrapping; mostly Project Life, I'm loving this way of documenting the everyday and I'm planning a post devoted to it soon.

Watching; Mr Maker comes to town, and assorted other CBeebies shows.

Proud of; roasting a duck, using the carcass to make stock and making 2 dinners from the left-over meat.  So frugal!!

Making; still on the baby blanket, but mostly because I've finished some other projects in between.  I'm loving the colours - makes me think of Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mint!

Experimenting with; Hipstamatic and Instabooth.  This iPhone might be the most addictive thing to come into our house for a long time.  I find myself purposely leaving it in another room so I can't check my apps every 5 minutes!

Dispensing; Calpol, Piriton and calamine lotion - the boy has chicken pox, poor thing.  Though he's bearing up well and seems to be on the mend today.

Longing; to meet the latest addition to our friendship family.  Baby boy was born on Saturday and I've been unable to go for a cuddle because of the pox.

Observing; the girl learning to sit up and taking her first tastes of food.  And the way she and the boy interact, makes my heart swell and then melt.

Long time no blog, but I'm (hopefully) being clever and scheduling some posts for the rest of the week.

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