Monday, 25 June 2012

On being two

Isaac turned 2 on the last day of May.  Andy came to bed at 11.20pm and remarked that two years previously, we'd been parents for just over fifteen minutes and he hadn't even held his newborn son by that point.  So much has changed since then; Andy's been unemployed, a temp, a stay-at-home dad and a full-time employee, I've been on maternity leave twice, we bought a new-to-us car, we became parents again, Isaac is a big brother.  And a myriad of little things that pass by almost unnoticed.  But what's most remarkable is how this;

turned into this;

At two years old, Isaac:

  • walks, runs and climbs with confidence:
  • is starting to jump:
  • can manipulate small items, such as a Lego figure's helmet or coins into a cd player:
  • loves to press the buttons (on everything!)
  • helps to dress himself and put on shoes:
  • has his own little language but is starting to speak ours:
  • follows commands obediently, even when he doesn't want to:
  • has started to throw temper tantrums:
  • shares food willingly but covets toys obsessively:
  • loves trains, cars and dogs:
  • still prefers his daddy:
  • sleeps in a toddler bed, straight through almost every night:
  • drinks juice and milk and water from valved 'active sippers' but can drink from a glass:
  • uses a spoon confidently and a fork with help.
  • can peel the tops of yoghurts:
  • likes to drink hot chocolate (and help to make it):
  • won't eat green vegetables, carrots or onions:
  • names a zillion body parts:
  • loves to sit in the driver's seat and play with the buttons & levers:
  • counts (in a fashion) to 3:
  • likes tomatoes, corn on the cob, rice, sausages, cheese and biscuits.  And chicken nuggets:
  • knows some colours (green, blue, red and black):
  • recognises our car:
  • stands in the deep end of the teaching pool and can swim with armbands:
  • loves to play in ride-along toys:
  • remembers every little thing (helpful when he's hidden something important):
  • kisses and cuddles his 'nannie' (Anna):
  • recognises his grandparents' homes:
  • has friends and looks forward to seeing them:
  • has toddler OCD, loves routine and putting things away:
  • laughs from his belly:
  • plays with his willy (even with a nappy on, heck even with a vest on!)
  • goes to bed about 7.45pm:
  • tries not to laugh when we're being funny, after he's been told off:
  • doesn't hold a grudge:
  • lights up and runs to the front door when his daddy's car comes on to the drive:
  • is fascinated by buckles and loves to do them up:
  • is experimenting with imaginative play using soft toys.

It's a great adventure, getting more interesting every day.  I can't wait to see the little boy my baby is becoming.

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