Sunday, 17 June 2012

On Father's Day

I'm blessed to be married to the best man I ever met and I'm so happy that he wants to be a real daddy to our children. He does his fair share of nappies and bedtimes and naughty steps and almost all of the mornings so I can have a lie-in. He stayed at home with Isaac for six months when I went back to work and I didn't worry once about how they'd manage together. He adores our children and loves to spend time with them.

But now I'm at home full-time again, I know our babies that little bit better, especially when interpreting Anna's non-verbal cues or Isaac's first attempts at talking. And the tendency to take over is strong in me anyway!! But God has given them both of us as parents for the unique contributions we each bring. He's much better at playing with them than I am!!

So this reminder is a timely one. I need to step back and let Andy be the daddy our children need. Cos he's pretty amazing at it!!

Thank you darling!!
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