Thursday, 28 June 2012

On the dearth of pretty paper

Looking at my recent posts, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd done no scrapbooking in weeks. And you'd be so so wrong!

Since about March, I've had maybe the most creative time of my life so far. And the main reason is Project Life.

What is Project Life?! Hereafter referred to as PL, it's a system of scrapbooking designed by Becky Higgins to capture everyday life. You can find out more here.

I figured I wouldn't have enough time or enough money to 'do' Project Life but looking at the enormous number of PL spreads popping up all over blogs, I got PL envy. I also got inspired.

I love my Document 2011 album - another project I said I wouldn't do! I love seeing how things have changed over the course of the year.

I love the 4x6 mini layout format. I don't love being behind, waiting for photos and losing the little details from many of the stories I wanted to tell.

So egged on by a few scrappy friends (or enablers, you decide) I decided to make Project Life work for me. (I'm not the only one doing so, check out Leanne, Jenny and Laura for starters).

From the original idea of a double page spread per week containing a title card, photo a day & 8 journalling cards, there are a multitude of different options

I decided on 1 page per week with inserts added for special occasions. I made up a kit of supplies, aiming to use up some of the beautiful things gathering dust in my scrapspace.

I decided to print my photos at home and learned how to produce fairly decent 4x6 prints using Picasa. I downloaded some free journalling cards to print.

And you've been looking at what happened next. That's all we did in March.

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