Tuesday, 26 June 2012

On the tenth of June (sort of)

We're going to gloss over the date at the top of the post.  That ok with everyone?!
Hello, seven month old girl!  This has mostly been a month of consolidation - nothing particularly new and exciting but building on skills she already had and growing in confidence and compentence.  So she's still standing up with support (this shot was taken quickly before catching her as she fell) and getting better at sitting on her own.
Her eating is going amazingly well.  She loves bread, cheese, clementines and cucumber.  And she's a little sandwich fiend!  Isaac has never really 'got' sandwiches and doesn't like to eat them.  He'll happily chow down on a piece of cheese and a slice of buttered bread but put them together and he's just not interested.  But now?  Well now, if Anna has something he wants it so it's a win all round!
We had to do a bit of shopping at the end of May; the sun came out and I realised that all of Anna's tops had long sleeves!  Thankfully she wore each outfit once before the sun disappeared and the rain came out again.  Here's hoping for a bit better weather over the rest of the summer!

Oh, there's nothing in baby-led weaning that says you can't eat purees.  And self-feeding is to be encouraged, right?!  It definitely makes my life easier!
Now Anna's sitting confidently, she doesn't want to lie back in a supermarket trolley so we've graduated to the two seat trolleys at our local Sainsburys.  Isaac is not happy about this transition, though she hasn't just hit him round the head as it appears in this photo!  We have a lot of pushing and shoving these days, and the occasional biting incident.  Sigh!
Still no rolling, but she is desperate to get further than she can reach.  I've no idea what was so fascinating about the bin bag but this wasn't the only time I caught her straining to get it.
We managed a little bit of shade-bathing before the sun went into hiding!  Anna likes to play with anything she can reach, whether it's hers or not.  I've dug out Isaac's old baby toys for her and he's having a great time playing with them too.
 The world opens up once you're sitting up - you can sit on swings and ride on buses!  Not sure how reassuring it was to see Isaac driving though...

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